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How to offer Energy Exchange for Reiki Received…

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When you have received Reiki, you must always offer something in exchange for it so that the healing effect is permanent.  But now that I am not asking you to give anything to me; I am suggesting that you offer some kind of value to the Universe in exchange for whatever the Universe has sent you whether via me, or through anyone else.  Here are a few simple ideas:  You could give monetary donation to some charity organisation or box…any amount that you can comfortably afford – even a dollar would suffice as long as you offer it with the intention that you are thanking the universe and offer it with love.  If u r not too keen on giving away money; you could offer service to the universe…there are millions of ways of doing this: eg; offering help to someone in need; cleaning up your environment just as a kind gesture (not for egoistic reasons hey:)…); rake your garden with love; clean that clutter in your closet or help an elderly do some of their chores etc etc…  Whatever is done with love and kindness will do.  So dearest go ahead give love even before u even receive reiki…how about that!~Rosy Kaur

Author: Rosy Kaur

Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master

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