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Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2



What is Cho Ku Rei?

This is a Reiki Symbol you learn and get attuned to use at Reiki Level 2. 

It is pronounced as CHO KOO RAY.         

It means “Place the Power of the Universe HERE.”

It is an all-purpose symbol.  A Reiki Master who is attuned at Reiki Level 2 would draw this symbol with the first two fingers of their hand in the air on top of objects or places to achieve the desired intention.

  • Draw it on the walls of the place/room you wish to protect/empower/or to remove negativity;
  • On the person/pet who is being healed/empowered;
  • On the food/drink to be charged with positive healing energy;
  • On the plants to help them grow healthy;
  • To aid in manifestation of intentions.
  • And many other uses…

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Love & Light, Rosy Kaur

Author: Rosy Kaur

Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master

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