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7In our Universe everything is made up of energy.  At the Atomic Level (the smallest unit of matter), science too has proven that everything is energy.  This invisible energy or empty space seems to manifest into various shapes and forms we are able to perceive with our eyes.  However, the human eye sees a billionth of what is actually existing in our space.  For example human eye does not see oxygen, yet we know it exists.  We know that love exists, yet we cannot see anything tangible called Love; etc.  Similarly we cannot see the energy called Electricity, though we see how it manifests in a light bulb or a microwave, or runs a machine.

The Universal energy is that invisible energy which is self-generating, self-creating, all of the time, everywhere.  And, since entire universe including its celestial bodies, and the space between them, is the Universal Energy called Reiki in Japanese Language; then we know it is available to us all the time. It is omnipresent.  It is inside us around us. It is all of us and all that is happening to us.  Our Physical Body is made up of Energy, our Mental Body and Emotional Body are energy.  Our Spirit is also energy.  Since all of this is energy, and here with us; Dr Usui had a direct experience of how to use it; he began to use it to heal.  If we have electricity, and if wiring is done correctly, we know we can switch light with it or use other gadgets for our utility.  Similarly, Reiki is available to us all the time, and with attunement we are now wired to it.  We can now use this energy to heal ourselves, and others.

Dr Usui, devised a methodical system for us to learn and be attuned to use this energy to heal, by giving an Intention.  With the power of our Intention, Reiki brings order to anything that has gone out of order.  It bring balance and harmony where chaos has occurred.  Is it not such a Blessing that we are this Universal Power.  It is, indeed a bigger blessing if we know how to use this Energy to assist us in our life journey.  ~Rosy Kaur


Author: Rosy Kaur

Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master

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