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There are usually three Levels (in some cases four) of Reiki Mastership; depending on how a Reiki Master has set out their course.  Usually, the fourth level is where the Reiki Practitioner also becomes a Reiki Teacher as well.  In our courses, Reiki Level 3 also includes becoming a Reiki Teacher with instruction on how to attune others.  A student is attuned at Level 1, and then at Level 2; and Level 3 as each course is purchased.  The purchase includes the pdf Manual, mp3 of meditation music, and the DISTANT ATTUNEMENT (arranged by appointment at a convenient time both to Master and Student).  All products are sent by email after the purchase.  Nothing is posted to the purchaser.

Reiki works with the body CHAKRAS, and each attunement works on different Chakras in the body.  As a person gets attuned, and begins to practice giving Reiki to Self and Others, their own Chakras begin to balance and purge out physical and psychic toxins.  Therefore, more the Reiki Healer gives healing to others, more they heal themselves by unblocking their own inner obstacles.

REIKI LEVEL 1 – THE FIRST DEGREE:  This is usually referred to as “HANDS ON HEALING”; because the healer needs to place their hands on the object of healing.  This level is open to any beginner, and you learn hand placements to heal yourself, and others.  This level also explains the origins of Reiki.

REIKI LEVEL 2 – THE SECOND DEGREE:  Level 2 is generally referred to as “DISTANT HEALING”; which means after attunement, the Reiki Master can heal over long distance and not necessarily have to place their hands on the object of healing.  This Level uses the TRADITIONAL SYMBOLS empowered by DR USUI, and other Masters.  The student learns to use the symbols to practice healing.  One must have completed REIKI LEVEL 1 – THE FIRST DEGREE, before getting to Level 2.

REIKI LEVEL 3 – THE THIRD DEGREE:  This level empowers the student with MASTER SYMBOL, and also teaches them how to attune their students.  One must have completed REIKI LEVEL 2 – THE SECOND DEGREE, before getting to Level 3.

Becoming a Reiki Master is a path of dedication and spiritual commitment to self and others.  Reiki Masters constantly works on themselves on this journey of self-healing & self-discovery.  In fact, if one practises and lives by the reiki principles, that practice can open other dimensions of understanding and enlightenment to the REIKI MASTER.  ~Rosy Kaur


Author: Rosy Kaur

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