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Evidence of Energy Healing are all round us.  How does a parent send love to their child living far away from them?  How does a plant begin to grow healthy if you simply talk to it often?  How does prayer work?  How does sadness from one heart reach another loved one, who is far away?  How often has it occurred that you think of someone, and they phone you at that very same moment?  How is it that you think of a song, and soon you hear it playing somewhere?  Many similar incidents take place in our lives daily.  Who is causing these incidents?  Yes, we are causing them.  Usually, we do not recognize that we have caused an incident to take place.  But, if we become observant and conscious, we then realize that we as human beings are capable of manipulating the Universal Energy all around us to cause incidents to happen, and we can do so with a clear, deliberate intention?

Everything is made of ONE ENERGY.  At atomic level, every bit can communicate and affect the other regardless of difference in their chemical formation, or difference in their Space and Time.  People can be living in different time zones; yet regardless of their clock time, they can be telephoning and talking to each other or even see each other over their electronic devices.  A Day on Planet Earth is longer than a day at Moon.  Therefore, time on our clock or calendar is simply a measuring method for us humans to function in this third dimension in order to relate to our daily activities.  If someone had nothing to do daily, and all they did was meditate and remain in bliss all the time, would it matter to them whether the day was a Monday – a working day for another in a job; or whether it was a weekend – a day of rest for someone in a regular 5-day job?  At any given moment, that moment is all that is real.  The past is a memory in brain, and future does not yet exist.  So time, exists in the Mind.  As memories in our brain, our mind gives us an impression of so many years having passed, and; because we have passed many calendar years, we tend to forecast many calendar years to come; while we all know, there is no guarantee of even the next moment existing for an individual being.  All play can be terminated at any moment, without notice, by something unforeseen.

Space too, is also an illusion created for us to function in our dimension.  Even the so-called empty space between objects is really not so empty after all.  We know for starters it has oxygen and other gases.  Then we know it has energy that makes it appear to be lit or dark (in the absence of light).  Light is also an energy being created by from another source whether natural or man made.  So really no space exists in solitary, separate from everything else.

Dr Usui, the Originator of Reiki, who devised the Reiki Healing System, had a divine revelation of UNIVERSAL ENERGY (REIKI) and understood all about the illusion of TIME & SPACE.  And so he devised a simple method to learn at Second Degree of Reiki Therapy.  He created Symbols and then empowered them to be used to remove the illusion of TIME & SPACE, and gave them to his students.  These Symbols can be used to send Reiki across time and space.  So, just as healing is sent across time and space, REIKI DISTANT ATTUNEMENT is similarly sent from a MASTER (Master in Reiki is someone who has been attuned already) to STUDENT (student in Reiki is someone who is seeking attunement).

And so DISTANT REIKI HEALING and DISTANT ATTUNEMENT work perfectly as if the healer and Master were available in person with the object of healing, and the Student :)… ~Rosy Kaur

Author: Rosy Kaur

Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master


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