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Space Clearing is about bringing harmony into a place.  In life, every discord must be sensibly attended to; eg an ill person must receive appropriate medical treatment or assistance; repairs must be done to items or places which are damaged, Health & Safety measures must be adhered to.  However, repetitive problems would signal that some energetic discord is causing them and that energy balance is necessary.  There are many ways of bringing harmony into a place:  Space Clearing with Reiki; smudging, candles or incenses; crystals or prayer; mantra chanting or playing mantra music; plants & herbs, with Feng Shui; or Shamanic ceremonies.

Usually, we the adults, seem to have become hardened by life’s challenges and sometimes miss noticing energy imbalance in a place; but children, pets and plants still have their intuition which must not be ignored if they give any indication of dis-ease in a place.  Even mechanical items can indicate space imbalance by working well in one area for long times, and break down when moved into an area.  The key is to be more aware of your space, and use your intuition and sensibility in dealing with the difficulties arising in a place.

Regular space clearing with any suitable method ensures that you experience more joy and synch in your place. The following could be some of the reasons why you might wish to perform space clearing of your space:

  1. If you are planning to build a new home or building, it is a good idea to do space clearing on the land before commencing construction.
  2. If you have been feeling stress and anxiety in your home or a particular section of your home;
  3. If you are feeling stuck in life, whether personally or professionally;
  4. If you are working on a project and experiencing many obstacles; having unusual lack of ideas or enthusiasm;
  5. If you have moved into a new home or a new office;
  6. If you are planning to sell your place, and wish to attract wonderful buyers;
  7. If you have bought something used or antique or been gifted any such items;
  8. If you have brought into your place inherited stuff from any ill or deceased relative or friend;
  9. If you or your family are constantly experiencing illness or having health concerns that do not seem to go away;
  10. If you are experiencing disharmony in your home or work place; in the name of arguments, equipment or utility items failing or missing at crucial moments;
  11. If you have had a new baby and are bring him/her to your home;
  12. If you are expecting visitors and you wish to offer a warm welcome to them;
  13. If you often feel crappy as soon as you arrive in your place; but feel fine at other places;
  14. A place in which someone has died whether a home or a work place;
  15. If things keep falling, and keep breaking in a peculiar manner in a certain area only;
  16. If plants unusually begin to die in a certain area, which were thriving in another area despite receiving proper water and light and care;
  17. If your pets show signs of fear or resistance to enter certain rooms;
  18. If young children show feeling of uneasiness in a certain area, despite being healthy and happy elsewhere.
  19. If a trauma has occurred in a place; eg violence or threats;
  20. If you keep attracting misfortune to your place, in the way of burglaries, unfair treatment by others towards your place; or accidents.

Of course, much regular attacks of misfortune would need, not only space clearing of the place, but also Clearing of the person’s aura, and above all, a life make over with a fresh review on how life must be lived.  However, starting with Space Clearing is a great direction to begin with.  Reiki is a very easy and effective tool when dealing with space clearing.  In the next post we will look at the Reiki Space Clearing Procedure.

Love & Peace.  ~Rosy Kaur


Author: Rosy Kaur

Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master


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