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Chakra Balancing – FIRST CHAKRA

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Root Chakra is the First Chakra in the Body.  Therefore, any yogic or energetic balancing of the Chakras begins with this Chakra. This Chakra is the foundation of Sense of Security and survival.  The imbalances cause anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression, frequent colds or cold hands and cold feet, and financial difficulties.

TUNE IN:  Here Moses and Dingalo are tuning into the Adi Mantra:  ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO, sitting in EASY POSE, PRAYER MUDRA. FOCUS ON THIRD EYE.

chakrabalancing_15nov2013 (12) Chakra Balancing


PART 1 – WARM UP:  Sit with straight spine, chin in, chest out.   Hands go out and return to this position simultaneously as you contract and release the anal sphincter.  Chant ‘L-A-A-M’ (the Sound current to activate and balance the Root Chakra. Eye Focus on tip of the nose.

Duration – 5 Minutes.



POSTURE:  Sit with straight Spine.  Chin in.  Chest out.

MANTRA:  HUMEE HUM, BRAHM HUM.  Meaning ‘We are we.  We are God.’


EYE FOCUS:  Tip of the nose.

KRIYA:  Hands straight near the heart centre as Dingalo is doing in the Pic below.  Elbows bend down in two downward strokes with the Mantra.

First downward bend of two inches with HUMEE HUM.

Second downward bend of another two inches with BRAHM HUM.

Simultaneously with the Mantra, contract and release ONLY the anal sphincter.

Duration – 11 to 31 Minutes.




2 thoughts on “Chakra Balancing – FIRST CHAKRA

  1. Hi Rosy. I absolutely love your teaching and would love to finish balancing my Chakras. I am wondering where I may find the teachings for the remaining 5 Chakras. Thank you so much for the info you have shared on your website, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours truly,

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