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“Har” Aerobic Kriya

“HAR” AEROBIC KRIYA (Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

Kriya:  A kriya is a set of Exercises to accomplish a certain objective.

This Kriya, uses the Mantra “Har” in each exercise.

Mantra:  “Har” means “the Creator, the Source from which all visible or invisible Creation has emerged”.  This Mantra has the power to clear all blocks and strengthens will power.  It is also a Prosperity Mantra which means repetitive use of “Har” can create abundance and prosperity.

There are 84 Meridian Points on the roof of the mouth.  When we say “Har”, the tip of tongue hits the upper palette on the Meridian Point which stimulates the hypothalamus which then stimulates the Pineal Gland situated in the brain, causing impulses in the Pituitary Gland.  This reaction causes secretions from the entire Glandular System creating a feeling of inner bliss.

  • This set is to be done quickly proceeding from one exercise to next immediately.
  • Each exercise is to be done 8 times.
  • Whole set is to be repeated 5 times.

Here the pics are taken of the children from the SOS Children’s Village – Tlokweng, Botswana.  This is a Community Service Project that I am doing, teaching Kundalini Yoga to children weekly.  The exercises below are being demonstrated by Mr Andrew Makakaba – my Assistant.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (1)1. Standing as in the picture below, clap your hands above your head 8 times.  Chant “Har” with each clap.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (2)

2. Bend down from your hips, slapping the ground – 8 x.  Chant “Har”.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (3)

3. Standing with arms stretched out to sides, flap your arms up and down raising at about 30 degrees upwards from shoulders, and at about 30 degrees downwards – 8 x.  Chant “Har”.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (4)

4. Now start jumping with arms and feet criss-cross – 8 x, while chanting “Har”.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (5)

5. Come into Archer Pose.  Bend forward the front knee 8 x chanting “Har”.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (6)

6. Repeat exercise 4 (above) – 8 x while Chanting “Har”.

7. Stretch the arms above the head, bending  backwards from the waist – 8 x.  Chant “Har” each time you bend backwards.SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (7)

8. Stretch the arms above the head, bending  4 x to leaft, 4 x to right.  Chant “Har” each time you bend sideways.

SOS_Har_Aerobic_Kriya (8)Only by doing the Kriya, you will know the Bliss 🙂 …Enjoy.  Satnam!


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