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According to the dictionaries and general understanding, a Religion would be an organized set of beliefs, usually with a belief in a Super Power which controls everything.  It might require a certain type of building to worship this Super Power in; perhaps a certain type of Attire to wear at that human-built shrine; a certain etiquette of dress code, and other mannerisms.  The religion would have a set of texts of reference, symbols, and a history of its origins.  A Religion would guide a person towards better understanding of their inner queries and give them a sense of belonging-ness to a high power which would also comfort them when in despair.  A person is usually born into a religion and would commonly carry on that same path.  Rarely; one might step out of the religion they are born in, to explore other possibilities in search of other answers.

Reiki is the UNIVERSAL ENERGY which encompasses everything, visible or invisible.  The human being is a nano-fraction of this energy.  Just as a drop of ocean is water; the energy of human is also the Energy of the Universe.  However, if a drop were to understand or demonstrate the power of the ocean, it might be difficult for it to do so.  A human being is made of various components: like physical body containing solids, fluids, gas forms, electrical & magnetic energies; the mental body with its thoughts, memory bank and reasoning power; the emotional body with its feelings; the auric body which is the energetic shield around the physical body; and the soul body – the power of which many do not fully understand.  Therefore, a human mind is only one of the several components forming the human being.  The human mind is not even fully capable of understanding all of the human components; nor fully aware of its power and its limitations.  And so humans keep on manifesting the stuff which they actually neither desire nor even are aware that they themselves are manifesting that unpleasant stuff.

With the analogy of energy of electricity, let us look briefly at Reiki.  Anyone wishing for electric light in their house, need not understand how the electrical wiring is done, or where the power house is, or why the power house exists.  You know that the light bulb exists to serve a purpose of giving light; provided the building has electricity connection with the power house. Anyone wishing to have light, need only switch on the bulb, and there is light.  Reiki, THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY, operates for us in a similar manner.  It exists, and exists to assist us in our life purpose and journey.  The attunement is our formal connection with the power house – UNIVERSE.  With attunement, we are able to use this energy to assist us for healing or manifesting purposes.  In order to become a Reiki healer, we do not need to sit in a specific shrine, or wear a certain attire, or use specific prayers.  Therefore, it is not a religion.  Any one can learn reiki and use it to heal themselves and others; regardless of their religious faith.  You can carry on belonging to your religion and continue giving Reiki.  In fact, by being connected to Reiki, you might end up understanding deeper truths of religious teachings which we often miss out on.

The Universe is the Temple.  Our Soul is the God.  Our Body is the vehicle driving our soul to have the Human Experience on Planet Earth. REIKI, (the UNIVERSAL ENERGY) IS THE TEMPLE, THE GOD, THE BODY, THE EXPERIENCE… ~Rosy Kaur