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Testimonials are posted as they come from the readers; except spelling errors are corrected, if any.  We make no claims that we are the sole reason when a person has healed.  Healing is a joint effort, and much of it comes from the seeker when the seeker opens himself/herself to receive healing.  We do not heal, we are only channels of healing energy.  It is always the Divine Energy which is healing.  It heals not only the seeker but also the initiator.  Therefore, by requesting healing from us, you  are also healing us.  We send our gratitude to all of you who have requested healing and assisted us in healing those very similar parts of ours; because the whole creation is like different mini organs of the Giant God Body.  We request all readers not to judge the testimonies in any way.  Each heart is expressing their own feelings.  Let us love each other and heal all of us.  Love & Peace, rosy.


Jason – 09 January 2017

Dear Rosy,
Thank you very much for making this such a pleasant experience and for the constant communication and guidance your provided.  I truly appreciate and give thanks for your loving support and your dedication to the higher spiritual path for all humanity.
You truly have a natural loving and giving radiance of being that I am so grateful for your support and your help assisting me on healing my journey.
With all my heart I now wish to also be a healing influence in this world for myself and others.
Thank you again.

Katarina – 30 June 2016 – Amsterdam

For a long time I was thinking to start with the Reiki. When I found this page I knew this is right person. I asked first for a free distance healing and week after I paid for my Reiki course 1. Rosy was from the beginning very friendly and at the same time professional. After we agreed on the date when we can do attunement I was little bit worry of how I am going to sit in meditation pose for 45 minutes due to my back pain that is bothering me during my daily meditations. When the session started I set my alarm clock after 45 minutes. I sit in my meditation pose and closed my eyes. I felt that we started because it seems like somebody turn on the light in the room I was sitting (even i had closed eyes). After some time I started to feel my neck and back pain, however at the same time I felt warmth and soon the pain was gone. I had to smile, because it felt so good. After that I had to start to move in the shape of infinity sign. I try to stop but I couldn’t. So I just relaxed and continued to move with the flow of energy within my body. When this movement stopped I felt pulse on the top of my nose. It was very strong and after while I saw the green frog just for the moment. Then my alarm went off, however I felt that this is not end. I turned off my alarm clock and continued with the attunement. I started to feel my chakras spinning from the bottom to the top then it felt like somebody turn the light off in the room. During the whole time I had my eyes closed.  After my 21 days cleansing and balancing process I was slowly coming to realisation that I am living in illusion that everything is ok and I have no bad feelings neither broken heart. However the truth was different and because I hadn’t listened to the messages I was receiving I end up laying in bed for a week with lower back pain known as hexenschuss. I had enough time to think about my situation and once I received the message the healing occurred. Within couple days I have found a great job and my pain was gone. I have been on soul retrieval and month later on fire dance ceremony. Shortly after that another block came up what manifested as pain in my throat. I was able with the help of crystal and my power animal to go to meditative state and find out what was happening and instant healing have occurred. I was amazed and felt relief.  Even though  it was terrible experience back then: now I could see it from different point of view. I understood a lot of issues that I had in my relationships. I feel wonderful and I know I am grounded, connected, guided and protected.

During my meditation I can focus more since the pain is gone and on the top of it I can see the energy around me, moving from me and to me. I am so grateful for all the beings that have guided me to Rosy page. She is an angel who is spreading love and light and making Reiki available for everyone who is ready for it 🙂 I will be definitely back for the Reiki course 2 sooooooooon.

Lot’s of love

Katarina – Amsterdam

Anonymous – 02 October 2015

Many years ago I was interested in Reiki and crystals but it was so new to me and at the time the courses were extremely expensive. Fast forward 12 years, I started doing Meditation with the Gong, and I found such peace, every night I was having a new manifestation and one of them I saw myself doing Reiki healing over someone. I woke up and started to find a Reiki Master.  I sent emails to three or four websites and I said the one who responds back to me will be the one I will work with. I found it very important when doing distance learning that I also have contact with my Reiki Master for support and to answer any of my questions.
I purchased my Level I Reiki course and read through it in one night. I arranged for my first attunement for the following Saturday.   Saturday arrived. I stayed in prayer and meditation and wore all white. Rosy made sure I had everything set up properly before we began. Rosy also did a space clearing in my home and to my amazement, the fire alarm went out and so did my candle. I said, wow this is powerful.
Now I was ready for my attunement, Rosy text me to say my invocation and to be still and meditate. I did and I started to feel electric current in my feet, then my hands became full of electricity heat and heaviness, then my neck and jaw area. I was amazed what I was feeling. After we were done we chatted for about 1 hour with detail instructions and all of my questions. I had three blocks that she cleared.
Rosy Kaur is an amazing human-being and I am completely blessed having her as my Reiki Master.
The following day I started self-healing and I really didn’t know what to expect. I laid my hands on myself following the guide in my course book, and then I felt completely in love. I had a surgery 6 months ago and when I placed my hands near my uterus my hands started to get warmer and warmer and warmer and then I felt the electric current and it felt like a baby sucking milk from a bottle. My body was sucking the healing energy from the Divine. This touched me deeply and now I look forward to the self-healing. This week has been amazing journey. I even gave Reiki to my plant. One of the leaves was browning, so I cut the brown part off and did Reiki, to my surprised my plant was pulling the energy from the Divine. I love being a vessel I realized as the plant was healing so was I.
Everyone should know Reik, I truly believe the world would be a better place of self-love and self-care.
I have just order Reiki II because I am already getting request for space clearing and distance healing.
I have found my passion and with Rosy mentorship and care I will become a devoted compassionate Reiki healer.
Happiness Matters, Light, Love and Blessings.

First Degree Reiki Master


Reiki Master 1st Degree

C.L.H. – 02 Nov 2014

“Hi Rosy, I am C.L.H and I emailing for a free request for distance healing. I have written to you before (a few months ago) and you came to my aid and I am better as a result of it. At this moment, I am requesting help with blocks surrounding abundance. I have been clearing and choosing to remove any & all thought patterns and negative beliefs surrounding money and choosing to move past whatever is hindering me but I haven’t been able to. Right now, my finances are in a negative condition; my accounts negative and I am still behind & getting further behind. I am desperate for change and for help to move through and past the blocks. Before I found your site and this other woman, I was clueless to a lot of things, and since then, I am learning and choosing now to undo what I may have done without knowing; choosing to undo and redo the negative programming and blocks I absorbed as a child so that I don’t give these sabotaging and defeating traits and thought patterns to my daughter who is filled with bubbly creativity! She makes my heart smile !! 🙂 I felt your presence before and the next day, I awoke crying and purging. My heart felt warm. Thank you!!!

I sent up lots of prayers in Thanks to you for your help. I love hard and I give anything I have and I value a lot of things and two of them: money and love are the areas that are in disarray. I keep hearing in my mind that it’s an illusion but sometimes, I feel defeated and heavy because I ask, “what am I missing?, Lord help me to figure this out because I want so badly to be in love, happy, to have a family and have not to struggle financially as I have done for the past 14-15 years.

Rosy, I choose to be a loving person; I choose to be the light and so many people come to me, lean on me and I choose to sow seeds to be a blessing to someone somewhere, to strangers, friends and family and often I wonder when the switch is going to flip on for me and my family; that moment where I’m living my dream? Thank you for any help, prayers and assistance you can give. It’s me and my daughter as my partner left and moved away and we are alone again. I am desperate for these negative cycles to stop recurring. Whether it’s me being happen with this person or not, I just want to be happy and if I’m causing this pain on myself, please point me in the right direction for help and healing.

I have joined an online group and I have made leaps and bounds (I feel) and I know my life is in a whole new direction. I know in my heart that I have moved thru some barriers and I’m happier and me and my daughter are so much closer and have so much more fun. You opened my heart!! Words can’t explain the amount of Thanks I have for you! So this while being in this group, I have felt positive energy coming through but I haven’t been able to pay for the last 2 payments & I’m praying that I don’t lose my connection. Sometimes, I’m dreaming & I feel like I’m floating off the bed; I heard a man’s voice who said Hi and once, a man’s voice as my daughter was talking who said, Hey mama? Very weird for me and my hands are pulsating (particularly my right hand) and I have awakened to them literally moving without my knowledge. I have sensations in my feet sometimes also. Black birds are around me all the time flying around, perched somewhere; Some days I am filled with so much joy, I feel like running and other days, It’s the wind is knocked out of me. Thank you Rosy!

Age: 34
Gender: Female
Location: AL, United States”

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